MENURY Guest Registration

Free digital guest registration for your restaurant

MENURY offers a dynamic, legally compliant corona registration, together with your digital menu in a QR code. You determine which data you collect.

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iPad mit COVID Gästeregistrierung zur Gästeerfassung
  • Legally secure
    meets all requirements
  • in a QR Code
    together with your digital menu
  • Export
    the guest list as PDF
Corona Guest Registration

One QR-Code for the menu & guest registration


Unfortunately, every federal state / country has different requirements as to which data must be collected. With us, you have complete flexibility - you determine with one click which data is collected.

Legally secure

You can easily export the daily guest list as a PDF with one click. The guest list is accepted by all health authorities without exception.

Plausibility check

As a restaurant owner, you are obliged to check the entries made by your guests. We use an integrated check to review the entries made by your guests in advance. Incorrect information no longer has a chance. Our database is growing every day.

Free of charge

WWe at MENURY have focused on the digital menu and are still at the beginning of our project. Therefore we offer MENURY permanently free of charge - without the small print.

Gastronomie Bestellsystem mit digitaler Speisekarte für Lieferung und Abholung
COVID Gästeregistrierung rechtssicher

Dynamic COVID Guest Registration

Adjust the form legally compliant to the requirements of your country

You can easily collect the data required by your country or federal state. If something should change in the specifications, you can adjust the registration form at any time in the restaurant portal.

You determine which input fields are mandatory. In addition to the telephone number and E-Mail address, you can also choose the address, the number of people, and the table number.

Create safe & reliable guest lists

MENURY is very easy and clear to use. All entries are displayed in the form of a list with all the details. The restaurant portal is optimized for all devices and therefore accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer.
If our system detects an incorrect entry, it will be highlighted. Furthermore, the guest is requested to submit the entries truthfully.

Digitale COVID Gästeregistrierung auf allen Geräten für das Gesundheitsamt
Check-In & Check-Out

We record all information precisely.
In addition to the mandatory fields you have specified, we also record the time of check-in. After the visit, your guest will check out again and both times will be added to the data record.

Smartphone mit dem Timer einer digitalen COVID Gästeregistrierung

Get started now for free

MENURY will remain permanently free of charge. You do not take any risks and you are welcome to test our system as you wish. At you can find more information about our innovative digital menu, which we also offer in 7 languages.

Contact us +49911 47737250

Do you have any questions? Our support is available 24 hours a day. Gladly by phone, email or chat

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