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The easiest & most efficient way to manage your menu. Free of charge and translated in 7 languages.

Smartphone mit digitaler Speisekarte als QR Code
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Your menu as a QR-Code

A QR code gives guests of the restaurant access to the digital menu. Manage your meals and drinks in the MENURY restaurant portal with just a few clicks. The QR code can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet and made available in stickers, table stands, napkins, and more. The advantages of the digital menu are hygiene and ease of use.

Companies that trust and use MENURY

Thousands of restaurants, hotels, events, and catering companies worldwide use our digital menu. In addition to small restaurants, this also includes system catering as well as restaurant and hotel chains.

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and thousands more ...

The Digital Menu which you will love

MENURY is a digital menu. Manage your menu 100% mobile and edit meals and dishes in real-time. Create your online menu in minutes and digitize your restaurant today.

Smartphone mit einer digitalen Speisekarte für Hotels und Restaurants

The Main Features

Menu as a QR-Code

Digital & Userfriendly

Translation into 7 languages

We translate your menu

COVID Guest Registration

Legally secure registration of your guests

Online Reservation Tool

Reservation form for your website

Menu Generator

Select a design & export it as a PDF

Embed on website

Synchronization with your homepage

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Demo Menu

The QR-Code

You can create one or more QR codes for each restaurant. It contains the menu that you have created in the restaurant portal. The code stays the same regardless of how often you change the menu. You also have the option of customizing the QR code with your logo or your preferred colors.

  • QR-Code always stays the same

  • Customizable Design (Color / Logo)

  • Stickers & Table displays for your restaurant

Getting started

3 easy steps to your digital menu

1. Create menu

Create categories (starters, main courses, side dishes, etc.) and assign dishes and drinks

2. Download the QR code

Download the QR code for your restaurant conveniently from the restaurant portal.

3. Guest scan the QR-Code

After the QR code has been placed in the restaurant, guests can access your menu without downloading an app

4. Select language

Your guest can choose between 7 languages with one click. Your menu will be translated by experts.

Manage your menu online

All changes you make in the restaurant portal are applied in the QR-Code and your website. We offer a menu generator that exports your menu in your favorite design as a PDF for the printed version.

App Software für die Verwaltung der Speisekarte von Restaurants
  • Translation of the menu within a few hours

  • Translation by experts

  • Updates are recognized and added within a few hours

  • Translation of the menu in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish & Dutch

  • Flexible subscription - Cancel every month

Smartphone mit digitaler Speisekarte in 7 Sprachen übersetzt für Restaurants
Screenshots dreier Websites für Restaurants mit digitaler Speisekarte und Reservierung

All from a single source

MENURY makes your everyday life easier. All changes made on your menu in the restaurant portal will be synchronized to your website and the QR code. If you don't have a website yet, or if your homepage needs an update, you can use MENURY websites from now on.

Professional design on all devices
Embedded & synchronized menu
Integrated online reservation

The website will be created within a few days. Simply upload your pictures, logo, texts and we will take care of the rest.
The embedded menu is being synchronized with the QR-Code
MENURY Online Reservation included (Integration of other tools possible)


MENURY is and remains permanently free of charge with all main functions.
However, there are some extensions that can be booked flexibly.


Permanently free of charge
COVID Guest Registration
Menu Generator
Website Integration
Online Reservation Tool
Add Images
Add Logo
Manage multiple Restaurants


COVID Guest Registration
Menu Generator
Website Integration
Online Reservation Tool
Add Images
Add Logo
Manage multiple Restaurants

+ Language Add-on

Your menu in 7 languages.
We take care of the translation.
Drei Smartphones mit einer digitalen Speisekarte nach Kundenwünschen designt.

Customized for your brand

Customize MENURY according to your corporate identity and brand guideline.
Individualize Colors, Fonts, Structure & Design
There are no borders.

You have questions?
We'll get in touch with.

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