The digital contactless menu

Your menu in a QR code

Integrated COVID guest registration

Contactless via smartphone

Translated into 7 languages

german english french spanish italian russian polish dutch
MENURY digital menu in a qr code
MENURY digital menu in a qr code

A central system for your menu

MENURY is a tool with which you can efficiently manage your menu. From now on, you can make all changes to your menu directly in the restaurant portal. From there, all changes will be automatically synchronized on your website and with your QR code.

MENURY digital ystem QR Code online Restaurant

The main features

QR Code restaurant digital menu
Menu as a QR Code

Digital and user friedly

QR Code restaurant digital menu
Translation into 7 languages

We translate your menu

Covid guest registration qr code
COVID Guest Registration

Registration of your guests

Online reservatin tool free
Online reservation

Reservation form for your website

Design menu online restaurant
Menu Generator

Select your favorite design & print your menu

Embed menu into website
Embed into your website

Your menu synchronized to your homepage

Digital menu as a generate qr code

MENURY in your restaurant

1. Register

Register in just a few steps and create your menu directly in our system. MENURY is and will remain free of charge for all restaurants that are currently registering.

Create online menu
2. Create your menu

After the registration, you can create categories and dishes & drinks. The MENURY system is simple and easy to use.

QR Code restaurant
3. Place QR Code

You can use the QR code in your restaurant as you wish. Whether printed directly on your menu or flyers, as a table display, or as a sticker - there are no limits.

scan qr code
4. Guests scan QR Code

Your guests can scan your restaurant's QR code with their smartphone or tablet and select any language. An app is not required for this.

Companies that use MENURY

Sheraton Logo
Holiday Inn Logo
Pizza Hut Logo
Best Western Logo
Mercure Logo
Ibis Logo
and thousands more ...
Demo Icon
Demo Menu

The QR Code

You can create one or more QR codes for each restaurant. All of them are synchronized with your menu that you have created in the restaurant portal. The code always stays the same regardless of how often you change the menu. You also have the option of customizing the QR code with your logo or your preferred colors.

Possibilities of using the QR Code

Management of your menus and dishes

The MENURY restaurant portal is the heart of your menu. You can create as many categories as you want (e.g., starters, drinks, desserts) and easily assign drinks and dishes to them.

From there, all changes are synchronized directly with the QR code and optionally to your homepage.

Work efficiently with the right tools

  • Create categories and sub-categories

    Drinks, starters, main courses, desserts, specials

  • Add dishes & drinks

    Create food & drinks in different variants

  • Deactivate if necessary

    For seasonal & sold out food & drinks

Create online digital menu qr code
Create online digital menu qr code
Digital restaurant menu by MENURY QR Code
Manage your menu - online and on all devices

Your menu translated into 7 languages

german english french spanish italian russian polish dutch

The MENURY language package can be flexibly booked monthly. The translations can be viewed online and by your guests within a few hours after the booking. The translation of your menu takes place in two sequences. It is carried out using the latest machine learning technology and is then checked for accuracy by our language experts. In this way, we can guarantee a faultless translation.

Should you make changes to your menu, these will be added within a few hours.

Menu translated in 7 languages digital qr code

Translation of your menu

  • Automatic integration into your QR Code

    After scanning the QR code, the desired language can be conveniently selected

  • Translation within hours

    Once the language package has been booked, it only takes a few hours for the translations to be integrated.

  • Automatic update when changes are made

    When you update your menu, all changes are identified by us and the translations updated

  • Double checked by experts

    All translations are approved by our experts.

Embed the menu on your homepage

With just a few clicks, your menu can also be integrated into your homepage. We also provide a WordPress Plugin. Available in 7 languages and via all devices. All changes are adopted directly from the MENURY system and synchronizeded automatically.

Scroll DownRestaurant embed menu website digital menu wordpress
Scroll DownRestaurant embed menu website digital menu wordpress

Export as PDF in the design of your choice

You no longer have to work with word processing programs when changing your menu. You can select your desired design and language in the MENURY restaurant portal and export and print your menu as a PDF

We are always working on new designs and formats.

Design menu online digital menu print pdf
Perfect design with one click

Integrated COVID Guest Registration in the QR Code

Legally secure according to the requirements of your country

You can easily collect the data of your guest required by your country or federal state. Should something change in the specifications, you can adjust the registration form at any time with just a few clicks.

You determine which input fields are mandatory and are therefore always on the safe side.
In addition to the telephone number and the email address also includes the address, the number of people, and the table number.

COVID Guest registration digital form register guest restaurant qr code

Online Reservation

In addition to the menu, you can also embed a reservation form on your website.

Online Reservation for Restaurants

There, your visitors can submit a reservation request, which you can manage either by email or via the restaurant portal.

All incoming reservations can be managed in the restaurant portal. You can accept or reject reservations. The calendar view has been optimized for mobile devices and is intended to replace the classic reservation book.

Duni MENURY Logo

Market-leading tabletop solutions combined with innovative digital technology is the product of our partnership with DUNI. Various individually printed napkins or placemats for the digital menu's hygienic use in your restaurant.

Feel free to contact us regarding the various products and design options.

Napkin qr code digital menu Duni MENURY

Our prices


free forever
Guest Registration
Menu generator
Website Integration
Online Reservation


coming soon
Basic +
Individualization of QR-Code
Embed your logo
Manage multiple restaurants
Add pictures

+ Language Pack

Your menu in 7 languages.
We take care of the translation.

Frequently asked Questions

The use of MENURY is free of charge. These include the following features:

  • Menu as a QR-Code
  • Menu Generator (PDF Export in your favorite design)
  • Online Reservation
  • Embed your menu on your website
  • COVID Guest Registration

The project is funded by placing ads. However, this can be easily removed after logging in for a small fee per month.

After logging in, you have the option of downloading your QR code as a graphic under the menu item “QR code.” You can print it out or purchase table displays, stickers, or other items in our shop.

Yes, we are currently working on several customization options. This includes the integration of your own logo on the QR scan view and the QR code. These functions will soon be available.

Yes, with the next update it will be possible to manage several restaurants in one account. This will be available in 1-2 weeks. Until then you can create several accounts - we'll merge them afterwards.

Any questions? We will contact you!


Get started now for free

MENURY will remain free of charge. You do not take any risk, and you are welcome to test our system as you wish. Feel free to contact us for more information about our innovative digital menu, which we also offer in 7 languages.

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Do you have any questions? Our support is available 24 hours a day. Gladly by phone, email, or chat.