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Getting started

4 easy steps to your new Menu

1. Create menu

Create categories (starters, drinks etc.) and add dishes & drinks

2. Select design

Choose your favorite design. We add lots of new designs on a regular basis.

3. Select categories

Determine which categories you want to export. Alternatively, select all and get a PDF with all categories.

4. Select language

Choose between 7 languages. We take care of the translation - carried out by absolute experts.

Drei Speisekarten Designs des MENURY Speisekartengenerators Drei Speisekarten Designs des MENURY Speisekartengenerators
Step 1

Create categories, dishes & drinks

After logging in, you can create your menu in the Restaurant Portal. First create categories and assign dishes & drinks to them.

Digitale Speisekarte anlegen - Kategorie anlegen
Step 2

Select Design

As soon as you have created your menu, select your favorite design in the next step. The templates are regularly updated with new designs.

Digitale Speisekarte anlegen - Design auswählen
Step 3

Select categories to export

Now all you have to do is select which categories you want to download or print.

Digitale Speisekarte anlegen - Kategorien auswählen
Step 4

Select language

Finally, you can download your menu in the desired design and language.

Digitale Speisekarte anlegen - Sprache auswählen

New designs are on the way

We are constantly working on new designs. The focus is on menu psychology and aesthetics.

Like all other designs, the new templates are also designed to be clean and minimalist.
This ensures a perfect experience for your guests.

Digitale Speisekarte anlegen - Sprache auswählen

Get started now for free

MENURY will remain permanently free of charge. You do not take any risks and you are welcome to test our system as you wish. At you can find more information about our innovative digital menu, which we also offer in 7 languages.

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